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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Star?

Contrary to what the International Star Registry will have you believe, you cannot actually buy and name a star. The International Star Registry, which has been "selling stars" since 1979 allows their customers to buy a random star and name it as they see fit. This information is then entered into the Internation Star Registry's database and you get a nifty certificate and a book titled "Your Place in the Cosmos."

The International Astronomical Union, which actually does have the authority to assign names to stars does not recognize the International Star Registry's naming of the stars and has even called the International Star Registry's business a "deplorable commercial trick."

Still, for anywhere from $50 (custom kit) to around $150 (ultimate kit) to as much as $500 (Heirloom Ultimate Star Kit) you can "purchase" and name a star and get a cool looking certificate, sky chart, a book on astronomy and a letter of congratulations. Oh and you have to pay for shipping and handling as well. Not shipping of the star, since as we covered you cannot actually own one of those, but of the certificate and other goodies.

As noted earlier, packages start at $54 for which you can get an unframed piece of paper that says you own the star and other goodies. A Deluxe kit for $110 comes with a frame AND a wallet card that says you own the star. An Ultimate kit for $155 gets you a slightly bigger certificate and frame and even a frame for your sky chart. Heirloom Deluxe kits which cost $269 come with a fancier frame for your certificate but no frame for your sky chart. Though for $489 you can get fancy frames for both your certificate and sky charts. No. Seriously.

Happy "Shopping".